About Summit Energy Group

Summit Energy Group LLC (Summit) is a project development, optimization and management firm serving the construction of distributed generation and utility power plants. The primary strengths and background of Summit are in Wind, Photovoltaic (PV) solar, and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology. Summit provides management services at early stage development, construction, interconnect startup, commissioning, preventative maintenance and operations.

"I believe in the grace of God, hard work, integrity, keeping your word, and building long lasting relationships for the success of all I associate with… and I love the energy market"
- Kendal C. Hansen

Kendal Hansen Summit Energy Group

Kendal Hansen

Kendal Hansen attended Montana State University graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation he worked for D.H. Blattner and Blattner Energy throughout the US. Kendal worked as the general manager for CMG Oil and Gas in the Bakken. In 2015 Kendal founded Summit Energy Group with the goal of creating a company that could serve our employees better career opportunities and provide unsurpassed services to the clients. In 2018 Summit expanded into four key markets: wind, DG solar, large IPP solar, and utility solar. Summit expanded into combined cycle, standalone transmission, energy storage and sub stations in 2020.

Kristie Hansen Summit Energy Group

Kristie Hansen

Kristie Hansen grew up in Western Washington. She earned her undergraduate degree from Montana State University and her Masters Degree from City University of Seattle. She began her career in renewable energy as a Site Coordinator on a solar site in California. She started working for Summit Energy Group in 2015.

Thomas Walker Summit Energy Group

Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker serves as a remote Project Manager for Summit Energy Group who has over 24 years of experience in the construction industry. The last 16 years he has spent working in Renewable Energy. In 2005 he went to work for D.H. Blattner as a foreman and later worked as a Superintendent, Site Construction Manager, and General Superintendent prior to leaving mid-2019 to go to work with his former co-worker, Kendal Hansen, at his company Summit Energy Group.

Randi Strickland Summit Energy Group

Randi Strickland

Randi Strickland is a Montana native and graduated from Pacific University, Oregon with a degree in Accounting & Finance. Upon graduating she served in the tax and accounting sector at the international, public, and private level before switching gears to focus on office management and human resources. She joined Summit Energy Group in 2019.

Tyler Kingsbury Summit Energy Group

Tyler Kingsbury

Tyler Kingsbury grew up in MT and attended college at Montana State University and earned a degree in Construction Engineering Technology. Upon graduating he went to work for D.H.Blattner for 13 years throughout the U.S. working in Renewable Energy. In 2019 he joined the Summit Energy Group team as a consultant and moved into a home office position in 2023.

Chase Wilkins Summit Energy Group

Chase Wilkins

Chase Wilkins grew up in MT and attended college at Montana State University and earned a degree in Construction Engineering Technology. Upon graduating he went to work for Blattner Energy for 6 years throughout the U.S. working in Renewable Energy focusing on utility scale solar as a Field Engineer and Electrical Superintendent. In 2023 he joined the Summit Energy Group and Sync Energy Services team as Operations Manager.

Brandon Kraus Summit Energy Group

Brandon Kraus

Brandon Kraus grew up on a farm in SW Minnesota and later received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration at North Dakota State University in 2005. He began his career in renewable energy at D.H. Blattner, eventually Blattner Energy, and worked as a Field Coordinator, Project Coordinator, and Estimator. He then attended Trinity College Dublin where he received an MBA in 2017. Brandon joined Summit Energy Group in 2018 and worked as a Consultant for a wind energy contractor and solar energy developer through 2022 when he left to work for Terra-Gen as a Director of Construction. In 2024, Brandon re-joined Summit Energy Group as its Chief Operating Officer.

Whitney Jagelski Summit Energy Group

Whitney Jagelski

Whitney was born and raised in Montana (technically the Hi-Line). Before falling into doing accounting and payroll about 10 years ago, she worked for the Department of Revenue as a Property Appraiser. Although she has been working with Summit for a long time, she has just recently accepted a position to become an official SEG employee. She currently lives in Billings with 2 of her 3 children.

Baillie Packer Summit Energy Group

Baillie Packer

Baillie Packer grew up in northeastern Wyoming and currently resides in western South Dakota. She is working towards finishing up her degree in Business Management through Wayne State College. Prior to starting at Sync Energy Services as Operations Administrator in March of 2024, she spent 3 years in the Gold Exploration industry.

Jada Begger

Jada Begger is a Montana native. She spent 18 years in North Dakota starting her family and working in the Medical Billing field prior to relocating back to MT in 2018. She joined Summit Energy Group as a Human Resources Associate in 2023. She enjoys working with the Home office and supporting the Summit and Sync Teams.